Resident Housing

Most resident housing projects in Whistler have been subsidized through the inclusion of a limited number of market townhomes and/or single family lots, which provides the necessary profit in order to discount the costs of developing the resident housing.

Whistler 2020 – Moving Toward a Sustainable Future identifies the goal of continuing to house 75% of the community’s workforce in Whistler, and allocated up to 6,650 resident housing beds through to 2020 to meet this objective.  Development of Cheakamus Crossing provides as much as 20% to 25% of the allocated resident housing beds, with future development at the site increasing the resident housing beds to up to 50% of the Whistler 2020 goal. 154 townhomes and 67 condominium units have been constructed for resident housing as well as a 55-unit rental apartment managed by the Whistler Housing Authority.

Development of Legacy Resident Housing at the Village was guided by a number of factors, including:

  • Resident housing needs relative to housing form, tenure and size, as reflected in the WHA waiting list while providing a range of price points that would attract previous residents back to the Whistler community.
  • In addition to a housing needs assessment, financial modeling was used to determine the mix of housing types and sizes. The intent of the modeling was to balance the need for affordability of resident units at below-market price with the need to maintain project development costs within the funding and subsidies available for the development and anticipated revenues.
  • The Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) is the agency responsible in Whistler for development of resident housing and for monitoring compliance with resident housing. The WHA maintains a housing waiting list for resident housing.


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The village concept identified a hostel as a significant housing legacy component. Lands were zoned to facilitate the development of a new 180-bed hostel. The building has been completed and turned over to the  Canadian Hostel Association following the exclusive use period and retrofitting.

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An integral component of the village concept is the provision of retail and commercial facilities. The neighbourhood commercial area is expected to provide a range of commercial services to the legacy neighbourhood that will be based on the local market needs.


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Market Housing

Market housing and market lots were included in the neighbourhood plans. The proceeds of sale are being used to offset the costs of providing affordable resident housing and to provide a more dynamic social mix. 24 single family lots have been developed for sale as well as 20 market townhomes.

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Whistler Athlete Centre

The Whistler Athlete Centre is a VANOC bid commitment to Canadian sport and will be a legacy facility for athletes, providing affordable accommodation in Whistler and a base for athletes to train and test for their sport. It is a facility for which VANOC had the design and construction responsibility. In addition to a gymnasium and training facility, the Athlete Centre includes a 100-bed lodge and a 20-unit rental townhome development.

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